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"Sensational!" Kerrang Radio 


"One of the New Queens of British Burlesque" The Mail on Sunday


"Ivy Paige is my kind of Girl!" John Waters,  Creator of Hairspray.


"Ivy Paige’s voice won over the night" The Londoner's Eye


“Ivy Paige is a true showgirl”  Love It! Magazine

"The show stealer was Ivy Paige, hostess extraordinaire for the night, replete with corset and Long John Silver’s parrot perched on her fascinator, to go with the nautical theme of the evening. She informed the audience that she had been aboard all the big ones in her time, and gone down on a few – ships, of course, what else? To seal the deal with her adoring audience, she crowd surfed down to the back of the room"

The London Festival Fringe May 2011 

"The crowd was fantastically responsive on that first night, enjoying all the entertainers and without a doubt, our fabulous host and compère Ivy Paige. Miss Paige, with her soft spoken voice, nonchalant disposition and dirty mind, entrances the audience and interacts in her very special way. A great act!" 

The Burlesque Map May 2011 

."Ivy Paige has a beautiful voice and an engaging onstage persona, ranging from fragile Lolita to sassy siren, and when she takes a break from her closing number to hug each member of the audience in turn, it is impossible not be won over. Support comes from pianist Pete Saunders (ex-Dexy’s Midnight Runners) whose skills really shine through on his single solo effort here. The songs showcase an admirable vocal talent and considerable songwriting skill. Paige obviously has considerable comic talent and this is deployed in her onstage banter "

Edinburgh Spotlight August 2010 


"Ivy Paige is a sparkling host, a wonderful singer whose range extends from thepost-punkmusic of the start of the show, to more meaningful melodies at its close; she constantly intrigues and enthuses. Discussing her loves, losses, and occasional stalkers, there's an honesty to her show, an expression of truth perhaps in amongst the garish falsity of some of the acts in Edinburgh. She impresses too, in her connection with the audience, hitting the mark with this ultimately charming show." 

Four Stars, Three Weeks, August 2010 



"Cabaret is one of the hardest forms of comedy that a performer can do, much like a sketch comedy, they have to engage you and you have to see their story and take it all on board. Ivy does that and then some, her show powerfully punctuated with beautiful songs, great gentle humour, and wonderful audience banter. It’s hard not to like Ivy Paige. The Red Show, saw the audience introduced to a diva like over the top but fragile character who songs would let you see past the confidence and dresses. Ivy show became something you wouldn’t have expected. Her banter with the audience was sweet and meaningful and her songs, all original compositions, where delivered with heart. There was one song, Kiss Me in the Spotlight that was simply beautiful. I loved every minute. At the end of the night she kissed and hugged the people in the audience and then she was gone.”

Four Stars  New Current August 2010 


 "Lady Gaga meets Gauguin.  Lady Gaga is famous for her fabulous costumes, sensational singing and theatrical stage shows whilst Gauguin is best known for his exotic and erotic portrayals of semi-naked women so imagine a fusion of these two artists and you’ll get some idea of the power and performance that is Ivy Paige." 

Phil Lloyd Stratford Festival 2010 

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